Is Urgent Care or an ER Right For Your Needs?

Urgent care centers and freestanding emergency rooms (ERs) can be hard to tell apart. Freestanding ERs, like Advance ER, often look a lot like urgent care centers. However, Advance ER offers all the same services and capabilities as a hospital ER, including having imaging equipment and lab testing on-site. Freestanding emergency centers look like 24 hour urgent care dallas centers or other 24 hour walk in clinics near me, but they are vastly different. By including “Emergency” in their facility names, they are distinguished for providing a higher level of care than urgent care or walk in clinics.

Advance ER’s features include:

  • Full service 24-hours a day, seven days week
  • Physically separate from a hospital, located in a neighborhood community
  • Staffed by board-certified ER physicians, not physicians assistants or nurse practitioners
  • Subject to the same copay as a hospital ER


If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, seek immediate care.

Advance ERHospital ERUrgent Care
Patient Experience
Open 24/7/365XX
Shortest Wait Time PossibleX
Inviting Waiting RoomX
Private Treatment RoomsX
Board-certified PhysiciansX
Average of 15 Years ExperienceX
Treated by Physician AssistantXX
Flu SymptomsXXX
Any Cause of a High FeverXX
Any Abdominal Pain SymptomsXX
Any Sports / Work TraumaXX
Chest Pain / Cardiac SymptomsXX
Exclusive CT for ER PatientsX
Exclusive X-Ray for ER PatientsX
On Site UltrasoundXX
Rapid Results from our CLA LabXX
Fully Stocked PharmacyXX

Exceptional Care, Exceptionally Fast is What Makes Advance ER Different.

We serve Galleria Area, Park Cities and the surrounding North Dallas neighborhoods with 24-hour emergency center services. You can call our staff to discuss your symptoms any time.

If you’re looking for the highest level of care in your Dallas neighborhood, turn to Advance ER. We understand there are important differences between a 24 hour emergency clinic Dallas and a 24 hour urgent care Dallas.  Choose Advance ER for your emergency care.