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Need Emergency Pediatric Laceration Repair?

Emergency Plastic Surgery On-Demand

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Emergency Pediatric Plastic Surgery

We know that there's nothing more precious than your child and at Advance ER  we offer emergency plastic surgery on-demand 24/7, ​and you don't have to wait. ​In any event your little one is wounded with a facial laceration, our On Demand plastic surgeon is available to you.  If you are not sure what to do, stop in for our surgeons to assess the injury. We are available at 2 locations. Park Cities and the Galleria location. 

It's natural to panic when your child is injured so if you’re not sure what to do, Our Surgeons will help you through these traumatic situation and having a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who takes all measures to ensure minimal scarring is our priority. We want to make sure that you get the optimal cosmetic results after the injury has healed so your child will feels more confident as they grow up.

Young girl with cut on the face crying who need plastic surgery on demand

Minor lacerations are common in childhood, It is important that active treatment is undertaken in a way which allows the best cosmetic result. There are a variety of different methods of management available, with the least distress to the child. We have optimal surgical experience for your child. Plastic surgeon On Demand is a feature the Advance ER offers.

Dr. Trovato and the other Board Certified Physicians have been called to care for children in the Emergency Room setting over many years. We recognized all too often an anxious child and parent sitting for hours in the waiting room until the plastic surgeon arrived to provide specialized treatment for their injury. It is vital to ensure when your child suffers any injury, they are cared for by a physician who pays meticulous attention to detail.

We arrange for our board-certified pediatric plastic surgeon to meet you and your child at Advance ER, Eliminating ER waiting rooms and ensuring prompt specialty care, as a result you will have a positive experience with optimal cosmetic results.

Lacerations may need repair if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • The location of the scar is in an undesirable area.
  • Once the wound has been cleaned, the bleeding continues.
  • The wound is jagged or uneven.
  • If the laceration is an eight to a quarter inch deep.
  • There is exposure to the muscle, tendon, or bone.
  • There are changes in the surrounding area of the laceration (i.e., red streaks or drainage).
  • The injury is located over a joint, (i.e., knee, knuckle, wrist, and ankle joints, hands, feet, chest).

Remain calm is the key and have a plan in place before anything ever happens. Our emergency pediatric plastic surgeon is here as your new Dallas-based concierge plastic surgery.

Plastic surgeons at Advance ER evaluate and treat a wide range of plastic surgery problems for all age. An Emergency service like ours works with the best to provide the ultimate service in on-demand emergency plastic surgery.

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