What You Need to Know About Colles’ Wrist Fracture

Colles' fracture FAQs

Falling is a part of an active life, and hitting the palm on the ground to break your fall could result in a common wrist injury called a Colles’ fracture. A Colles’ fracture can happen in a second by falling while playing sports, skating, riding bikes or horses, or even just a fall while working […]

STDs: What You Need to Know

STDs: what you need to know

A sometimes embarrassing topic, but crucial for your healthcare, is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). Just as important as getting your blood pressure checked regularly, or getting an annual physical, is having a yearly test for STDs. Who needs STD testing? If you are sexually active, especially if you have multiple partners, it is important to […]

3 Signs that You Need to Go to the ER for Shortness of Breath

Come to Advance ER with breathing problems

Having shortness of breath can be a normal part of life. If you’ve been exercising or been physically active, it’s common to experience some temporary changes in breathing. However, when shortness of breath comes on suddenly and you’re not sure what’s wrong, then it’s time to go to Advance ER where board-certified physicians are ready […]

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