5 No-Fail Tricks to Curb Overeating During the Holidays

Curb Holiday Overeating with These 5 Tricks

The holiday party is looming large, but your waistline doesn’t have to be. To short-circuit the not-so-festive overeating cycle, plan ahead with some savvy healthy eating tips from Advance ER’s Dr. Ronnie Shalev in Dallas, TX. “Besides the physical problems caused by overeating during the holidays – such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, […]

7 Critical Symptoms in Children You Can’t Ignore

7 critical symptoms to watch for in kids

As a parent, it’s often hard to know what health concerns are normal, childhood ailments and what symptoms are critical, emergency signals. When this happens, where can you go for reliable information to help your child? “Parents have the difficult job of trying to make judgment calls with their kids’ health and wellbeing,” said Advance […]

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