The 1st Thing to Do When You Get Sick While Traveling

!st thing to do when you get sick on a trip

If you’re traveling to Dallas, TX, to attend a convention at Kay Bailey Hutchison, Dallas Convention Center or Dallas Expo Center, do you know what you would do if you were to get sick? Getting off the plane at Dallas Love Field, DFW International Airport or Dallas Executive Airport, having breathed dry, recycled air for […]

Streamlined Access to Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health available at Advance ER

In a bold move, Dallas’ Advance ER is now offering fast access* to behavioral health services through our groundbreaking SPECIALIST NOWSM consultation services. This program is powered by a highly innovative system that allows for a sophisticated matrix of care to take place on-site at one of Advance ER’s two convenient locations. “In an effort […]

How LET Treatments are Revolutionizing Pediatrics

LET is revolutionizing pediatric care

Taking pediatric health care to a new level, Advance ER in Dallas, TX, is pleased to offer LET as a topical anesthetic to aid in the treatment of lacerations in children. Unlike the old practices still found in urgent care clinics and other hospitals where the child is held down and a compound containing cocaine […]

What You Need to Know About Colles’ Wrist Fracture

Colles' fracture FAQs

Falling is a part of an active life, and hitting the palm on the ground to break your fall could result in a common wrist injury called a Colles’ fracture. A Colles’ fracture can happen in a second by falling while playing sports, skating, riding bikes or horses, or even just a fall while working […]

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