When it Hurts to Breathe: Respiratory Distress & What to Do About It

Early Action for Respiratory Distress

It’s every parent’s nightmare: you discover your baby or child is gasping, struggling to breathe. Or you notice your flu symptoms are getting worse and it feels like an elephant is sitting on your chest—it’s so hard to breathe. Respiratory distress is not only a frightening condition, it’s also one that you need to know […]

How to Spot a Heart Attack

How to spot a heart attack

Everyone loves February with its abundance of hearts, candies and good feelings. But a growing number of people – beyond the medical field – are recognizing it as heart health month. Understanding the workings of the cardiovascular system could mean the difference between life and death. “Heart attacks manifest in different ways for different people,” […]

Debunking 5 Diet Myths

Debunking Diet Myths

It’s that time of year again when new resolutions to suddenly become physically fit are weighing heavily on our minds. With the public obsession with glamor and all things Hollywood, you may find yourself tempted to try a fad diet to drop some fast pounds. “Healthy lifestyle habits often go unexamined while the spotlight is […]

5 No-Fail Tricks to Curb Overeating During the Holidays

Curb Holiday Overeating with These 5 Tricks

The holiday party is looming large, but your waistline doesn’t have to be. To short-circuit the not-so-festive overeating cycle, plan ahead with some savvy healthy eating tips from Advance ER’s Dr. Ronnie Shalev in Dallas, TX. “Besides the physical problems caused by overeating during the holidays – such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, […]

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