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What to Know When Your Child Has a Fever

High Fever:

A high fever can be a sign of a medical emergency. Adults with a temperature over 105° Fahrenheit should seek immediate medical attention from their nearest Dallas emergency room. Children over the age of one should be seen by an emergency room doctor if they have a temperature over 104° Fahrenheit. For children under on year, most doctors consider a rectal temperature of 100.4° Fahrenheit or higher as a fever.

High Fever is Not an Illness it’s a Symptom.

A high fever is often the symptom of an infection in your body.

Most experts believe that a high fever is your body  attempting to fight off infection.

A high fever can also be a symptom of heat stroke or other illnesses.

High Fever in Children

Carefully monitoring the temperature of children is important.  High fevers, over 104° can cause seizures in young children. If your child shows any of the following symptoms along with high fever, let your doctor know: lethargy, fussiness, poor appetite, sore throat, cough, ear pain or diarrhea are additional symptoms that can help your doctor pinpoint the cause of your child’s high fever.


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