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In the past, getting in to see a specialist required time, referrals and patience. At Advance ER, we’ve cut through the red tape for you and can provide you with fast track access to specialists. This innovative service is called SPECIALIST NOW℠ at Advance ER. SPECIALIST NOW is the first in Texas, and possibly the first in the country, for a freestanding ER to offer both pediatric and adult emergency specialist care by telemedicine.

Our board-certified doctors, averaging 15 years of ER experience or more, will take care of you and your family just like we’d care for our own family.

Advance ER has set the bar for freestanding ERs. In an original concept in freestanding ERs, we bring you world-class pediatric or adult emergency medicine specialists’ care on-site via SPECIALIST NOW™. This unique access to specialists is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with no wait and no additional charges from the specialists. This innovative service gives you access to medical expertise from the leading academic pediatric hospital system in North Texas, while in the comfort and convenience of your neighborhood Advance ER.

Advance ER is the first ER in the nation to offer adult specialists’ care on-site via SPECIALIST NOW™. Our board certified plastic surgery, oral-facial, upper extremity orthopedic, and plastic surgeons, along with our gastroenterologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, neurosurgery, neurology, OB/Gyn, pain management specialists, pediatric emergency specialists, internal medicine, and emergency dental specialists can offer you their medical expertise face-to-face within minutes of your arrival.

Our patients find comfort and enjoy greater value in knowing that they won’t incur any additional professional charges from our specialists. When you have an urgent or critical health care need, Advance ER offers you the highest quality and value in ER services. We look forward to getting the chance to serve you.

What kinds of specialists are available?

Our board-certified ER physicians have access to the expertise of specialists to help with the management of our patient’s medical needs. “The readily available subspecialty care that we offer at Advance ER is what makes us one-of-a-kind,” said Emergency Specialist, Dr. Michael Chiang. “When we developed Advance ER, we were determined to put our patients’ needs first. With that notion, we proceeded to build a futuristic ER that enables our patients to be seen by specialists within minutes, and help guide the management of complex medical illnesses. Sometimes input from our specialists is requested by our patients just to feel more comfortable with the understanding of their illnesses.”

For pediatric patients, we are proud to announce our partnership with Children’s Health Dallas, and we have the ability to call on expertise from pediatric emergency specialists. For adult patients, we offer specialty care from our cardiologists, ophthalmologists, pulmonologists, occupational medicine specialists, and even dermatologists. In addition to these specialists, Advance ER will continue to augment more specialties to our growing list of services. Our specialist care service is unique because patients typically are unable to see a specialist even in in most hospital ER’s. A freestanding ER makes the experience even better by offering more convenience with easier parking and neighborhood locations.

What is ‘SPECIALIST NOW’ telemedicine?

If you walk into Advance ER and are looking for a specialist, a board-certified ER physician will request a consultation from among our specialists by SPECIALIST NOW. You will receive high quality care in a luxurious setting complete with concierge level service. The innovative concept of seeing specialists by SPECIALIST NOW is ground-breaking and has the potential of changing the healthcare landscape. “This program came out of our own imaginations and reflects what an ideal ER should be,” said Dr. Chiang.

Does this really work?

“One of my favorite stories is about a mom who came into Advance ER crying. She was certain that her daughter was going to die. After a consultation and direct assessment of the patient by Children’s Health Dallas pediatric emergency specialist, Dr. Pam Okada, a care plan was formulated. The patient and mother were able to return home with peace of mind and were happy to have witnessed the advantages of our advanced specialty care,” said Dr. Chiang.

Tell me more.

As a freestanding, walk-in emergency department, Advance ER provides specialized healthcare to patients ranging from newborns to senior adults. On-site labs, x-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans offer the range of services that patients expect from an emergency room.

Advance ER is open 24/7 to provide fast, quality care for your family’s major and minor medical needs. Visit us today at one of our two convenient locations to enjoy immediate access to innovative healthcare.