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Specialists Now℠

At Advance ER, we offer fast track access to adult and pediatric emergency specialists through our state-of-the-art service

Imagine a place where you could get a specialist when you need it most to assist in bedside care. Well, that time is now. Advance ER does what most emergency rooms or urgent care facilities dream possible…provide a top specialist to assist in patient care in an ER setting.

At a typical hospital ER, a doctor would have to reach out to the on-call specialist. That specialist would at best give that doctor a phone consultation and wait for the patient to be admitted before they would show up to provide direct care 4 to 6 hours later. You heard that right.. 4 to 6 hours.

With our proprietary platform we can get the help you need to be contacted and they would see you right then and there in our ER. They would diagnose the condition, give our doctor guidance on recommended treatment and most of the time see you in their office the next day. Now that is something different indeed!

Here is a partial list of the specialists we currently work with (And the list is growing!)

  • Ophthalmology– Dallas Eye: Linda Burk M.D.
  • Mental Health– Carrolton Springs
  • Oral-Facial Surgeon/Emergency Dentistry– Amazing Faces: Dr. Randy Sanovich DDS
  • Internal Medicine– Dr. Jamal Lone, Dr. Frater, Dr. Ampil, and Dr. Cyrus Peikari
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialists– Children’s Medical Center: Dallas and Plano
  • Pain Management– Dallas Pain Consultants: Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, Dr. Trevor Kraus M.D.
  • OB/Gyn– Walnut Hill OB/GYN: Dr. John Bertrand M.D.
  • Neurology– Texas Neurology Group: Chaouki Khoury M.D. M.S.
  • Neurosurgery– Dr. William Banister M.D.
  • Cardiologists– Advanced Heart Care: Brian Schwartz M.D, F.A.C.C, Jai Varma M.D.
  • Dermatologists– Dermatology Treatment & Research Center: Stephanie Saxon-Daniels M.D.
  • Gastroenterologists– Digestive Health Associates: Dr. John Lee, Dr. Sami Arslanlar, Dr. Lisa Alvarez, Dr Viralkumar Patel
  • Hand Surgery And Plastic Surgery– Onmi Hand Surgery: Lan Hua M.D.
  • Hand Surgery And Wound Care– Dallas Medical Center: Dr. Robert Ippolito M.D.
  • Plastics And Reconstructive Surgery– Dr. Mathew Trovato M.D., Dr. Lan Hua, and Dr. Ippolito


Virtually unheard of in emergency rooms, this rapid access to specialists’ care for our patients is available 24/7.  Advance ER’s SPECIALIST NOW℠ service is contingent on our specialists having availability.

Specialist Consultations with no extra charge from the specialist

Our on-call specialists will see you and collaborate with Advance ER’s physicians to confirm diagnosis and determine treatment plans. This reassures the patients that we are providing the most appropriate care for their medical condition.

This exclusive service conspicuously positions Advance ER as an innovator in the field of concierge emergency health care.

Where else can you go to have a dermatologist diagnose your skin condition, or a cardiologist assess your heart condition in the middle of the night?

We’re proud to be the pioneers of innovative services that meets and exceeds the demands of our highly active society.

Patients are choosing to avoid the congestion of traditional emergency rooms and are coming to Advance ER for fast, high quality health care. From minor concerns to major complex illnesses that may require collaboration from medical specialists, Advance ER offers the right care, at the right time, and at the right place – only at Advance ER.


David’s Story

My son had diarrhea and lots of pain for quite some time, but his pediatrician thought it might be something he was eating. We tried laying off fast food and desserts, but nothing seemed to help. Then late one night, he had another terrible attack. The pain was excruciating. He couldn’t get comfortable and complained of sharp abdominal pain. I took my son to Advance ER where the doctor examined him right away. The ER doctor decided to bring in the expertise of pediatric emergency medicine specialists from Children’s Health for collaboration. When they explained to me that there would not be any additional charges from Children’s Health for the consultation with a specialist, of course I said yes! The specialist spoke to us and examined my son. He then recommended stool testing, dietary changes, and a medication for pain relief. It was such a relief when I got reassurances and information about my son’s condition from the pediatric emergency medicine specialist at Children’s Health. Thank you to Advance ER staff and the specialist.


Jame’s Story

When my son, James, came home from daycare with impetigo, he was crying and cranky. At first, we didn’t know what it was. He had blisters and rash on his face and arms and they just seemed to grow worse in just a short time. Before we realized it, it was late on a Friday night and we were looking at worsening symptoms and didn’t know what to do. We decided to go straight to Advance ER. The doctor there was just amazing. He diagnosed the impetigo right away and explained everything to us. We were really concerned about scarring, so we asked for a dermatologist to look at him. Within just a few minutes, we were able to have a SPECIALIST NOWSM consultation with a board-certified dermatologist who re-assured us that it was impetigo and James wouldn’t have scarring. With the antibiotics in hand, we left Advance ER feeling confident that our baby would be just fine, thanks to the doctors at AER going above and beyond to help him and put our minds at ease.


Tips for Chest PainSam’s Story

My husband, Sam, was relaxing after dinner when he started complaining of heartburn. He couldn’t settle down and kept saying his chest felt uncomfortable. I decided not to take any chances and take him to Advance ER nearby. Doctor Bryce was the best. He immediately started running tests and we had a consultation with a cardiologist through the SPECIALIST NOWTMprogram. He confirmed what Dr. Bryce told us. What a great idea—fast specialist consultations while in the ER with no extra charge from the specialist! Sam was diagnosed with early stage heart disease. With the help of Advance ER, Sam is feeling better and is watching his diet and exercise for better health. We can’t thank you enough, Advance ER! You were quick to help us, the facility was clean and beautiful, and everyone was so courteous.

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