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  Everyone was pleasant and caring, from the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor! We went at 5 am on a Tuesday so not busy at all. Dr King listened patiently and took good care of my husband.  He thought he was having a heart attack, along with flu symptoms and neck strain from an injury. They were able to do an EKG, draw blood, and do an X-ray.

Christina J.


  I've had a great experience this morning at Advance ER.  Dr Chaing was absolutely wonderful.  He treated me and gave me a breathing treatment.  Dr Chaing was kind with a great bedside manner.  I was even offered a cappuccino during the short time I waited for my breathing treatment to begin.  They also agreed to submit to my insurance for payment.  I'd definitely recommend this place.  Fast, efficient and most importantly nice people.

Wayne G.


  I was in AdvanceER in March of 2018.  They were utmost kind, attentive, professional, and fast in their treatment of me.  I had a CT scan and intravenous antibiotics, and actually stayed overnight in the an ER room.  They gave me a complete copy of my records and CT scan on a CD.  Very efficient. I would highly recommend them.

Thomad W.


Wow their services have exceeded my expectations!! From the time I walked and the time I was leaving, I was treated like a human and not a number. The nurse was so comforting and personal. I'm new to Dallas and was starting to stress because I don't have a PCP yet and my symptoms were getting worst. The ER was my last resort since the urgent care's in the area were closed. The service was great and I want to thank the staff for treating my sickness with urgency.

Cierra B.


I never knew about Advance ER on Inwood before last week and now I'll never forget them or their compassion, attentive care and prompt medical attention they gave my 10 month old grandson and family who were visiting from Chicago. From the moment we stepped through their doors we were greeted with empathy and a great medical staff not to mention  the comfortable and beautiful surroundings. This is a hidden gem and I hope others benefit from their approach in the future!! Spread the word!

Judy R.

What does the community say about Advance ER?

Addison Magazine: 2017 Readers Choice Award For Favorite ER

What are the differences between Advance ER, urgent care and a hospital emergency room?

Advance ERHospital ERUrgent Care
                     PATIENT EXPERIENCE
Open 24/7/365XX
Shortest Wait Time PossibleX
Inviting Waiting RoomX
Private Treatment RoomsX
                    EXPERTISE & TRAINING
Board-certified PhysiciansX
Average of 15 Years ExperienceX
Treated by Physician AssistantXX
Flu SymptomsXXX
Any Cause of a High FeverXX
Any Abdominal Pain SymptomsXX
Any Sports / Work TraumaXX
Chest Pain / Cardiac SymptomsXX
Exclusive CT for ER PatientsX
Exclusive X-Ray for ER PatientsX
On Site UltrasoundXX
Rapid Results from our CLA LabXX
Fully Stocked PharmacyXX


What insurances do you accept?

We accept most insurances and do bill at the normal in network rate for your health care provider. Texas regulations do prohibit us accepting Medicaid, Medicare and TriCare as we do not have a hospital attached. Here are just a few of the common providers we accept. 


Voted Best ER in Dallas – Serving our Community Since 2015

Located in the Galleria Area and Park CitiesAdvance ER has two of the closest emergency room centers in the surrounding neighborhoods.  Advance ER is an emergency room center that focuses on providing emergency care in dedicated medical facilities outside of traditional hospital based emergency rooms. We treat a broad scope of medical conditions and currently our facilities are some of the best and most luxurious in Dallas. Team physicians and professional staff members are always at your service regardless time of day.  When looking for an emergency room near me, make Advance ER your first choice for a Dallas ER. Advance ER is open 24/7 to provide exceptional medical assistance to Dallas residents and to handle various conditions including but not limited to:

Most Private Insurance Honored

To ensure we can care for as many Dallas families as possible, our Emergency Rooms honor in-network billing for emergent conditions for most insurance plans. For cash paying families, Advance ER offers affordable rates.

Major or Minor Emergency Care

Do you or a loved one have a fever, sore throat or infection? Has someone experienced an injury, cut, allergy attack or sprain? No matter why you need medical care, we are prepared to handle your needs. We treat the most common to the most critical medical conditions.

Board-Certified Physicians

Every patient at Advance ER is seen by a board-certified emergency room physician. Our physicians average 15 years of experience and are respected members of the Dallas medical community. You can feel confident in the after hours medical care we provide.

No Wait 24 Hour Medical Care

Our 24 Hour Dallas emergency rooms offer no wait time. We immediately bed all patients, unlike Dallas hospital emergency room departments that are often overcrowded. We offer the little to no wait 24 hour medical care.